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Pine Acres Testimonial

I had heard many horrors stories about how patients are treated in some nursing homes. So when my wife was sent to Pine Acres Convalescent Center five months ago, I was skeptical of the treatment that she would receive.

 I visit her daily and I can attest to the fact that when there is a conflict with a patient, it is always the patient who is being unreasonable. The staff members are very dedicated and always go out of their way to see that the best and most compassionate care is provided to each patient, regardless of how difficult that might be.

 I have seen the executive staff get their hands dirty when they see something that needs attention. The nurses, Mauvlet, Pam, Betty, Natalie, Jeanette, Jeannie, and Shelby are very experienced and perceptive to the needs of their charges. The aides, Otceus, and Tatyana are absolute angels. And there is an excellent physical therapy staff, Fernando, "T" (Natikwa) and an additional support group just as talented. And their energetic transporters, Pierre and Susanna, who handle their patients with the ease of a magician shuffling a deck of cards.

 I would be selling them short if I did not mention the kitchen staff and the dieticians. I am not familiar with their names but they provide an exceptional service with quality fare. And the group responsible for maintaining the exceptional aesthetics of Pine Acres are the house-keepers, like Blanca and Stanley. They have the responsibility to keep everything immaculate and appealing, and they do it with an impressionable smile.

 Security is "Number 1" at Pine Acres. Cameras monitor all access doors, and you must "buzz" the front desk to enter the building. On entering, the first person you meet will probably be one of their most congenial receptionists, Jeanine (my go-to-first person) or  Alex (Alexandria). You are also likely to see Janeth, (the one with the green hair), she is always available when someone needs a hand. As is Jonathan, the activity aide, always anxious to serve.

 Sheila, the resident social worker is one of the most helpful people to have at your disposal. If you have questions about insurance coverage, or family and social  issues, she will get you the help that you need.

 My impression of the staff, from the executives on down, is that they are all dedicated, energetic and sympathetic individuals.

 When looking for a place to stay, or an area to invest in, how often have you heard, "Location, Location, Location"? Well, Pine Acres has that perfect location. In the charming and historic town of Madison, New Jersey, it sits on a lightly traveled street, across from the well kept grounds of Drew University, with it's big trees and majestic buildings. Not to be outdone by their neighbors across the street, Pine Acres is also a beauty to behold from the outside. It's huge pines and well maintained lawns are always picturesque.

 In the time I have spent here, Pine Acres has been in a constant state of renewal and renovation, structurally and technically, outside and inside, to provide state-of-the-art care in an attractive and inviting atmosphere.

 I had little to say about my wife's placement at Pine Acres. But experience has shown me that I could not have picked a better place for her.

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