Sandy Hook Elementary, we need more gun control laws?

A young, disturbed man killed twenty 1st grade children and 6 adults in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. Could this have been prevented with tougher gun control laws? Or should all guns be confiscated? Do gun control laws really work? 

Chicago and New York City have the toughest gun control laws in the country, yet they have the most murders committed with guns of any cities in the world. In March of 2012 there were over 50 murders in Chicago, that was almost twice as many people killed as were killed that month in our war in Afghanistan.
....And no one complained.

Einstein is reported to have said that an idiot is a person who does the same thing again and again looking for a different result. So if the places with the strictest gun laws have the greatest gun abuses, who is kidding who? 

Our laws have become worthless. Hard drugs have been outlawed since their conception, but they are as prevalent today as sand on the beach. We have proof positive in Chicago and New York City and by the prevalence of illegal drugs through out the country, that criminals do not obey the law. So Einstein would agree that stricter gun control would guarantee that only criminals would be armed.

What is the alternative? Why is this trend escalating? How do we protect our children? Where do we put the blame? 

The answer is right under our nose. Just look around and see the moral depravity that has replaced our principles. Those people that we have learned to look up to have led us to believe that casual sex and abortion is the right of every woman and self gratification is the goal of every man. So the ACLU had no problem getting the name of God out of our schools and our government. We can't mention it at football games or commencement ceremonies.
So when God was asked to leave our schools, Satan entered.

Our constitution guarantees certain rights that our president and judges and lawmakers consider outdated. These rights include religious freedom. But the current interpretation in Washington is that the constitution guarantees freedom from religion. So Einstein would surely agree that
when God is removed from our laws, Satan enters.

We are seeing an escalation of evil in our country and in the world. It will not be surprising then that we will see more violence against our children, against our religious institutions, against our morality, and against the principles that we have cherished since the beginning of our country. 

Are the frequency and severity of naturals disasters that we have noticed in recent years related to our social and spiritual problems? We will find out soon enough, because
when God is removed from our world, Satan steps in.

But would a loving God permit these injustices? A loving God gave us our free will, and if we desire Him out of our lives, He, a just God, has to obey. So again Einstein would surely agree that
when we remove God from our lives, Satan will step in. Given the attitude of our current leaders, we can expect even greater social and natural calamities.